Automation solution

Yangsun industrial automation smart craftsman, focusing on industry technology innovation, focusing on the needs of food packaging, biomedical, 3C home appliances, electronic and electrical, petrochemical industries and other industries.

Committed to providing high-quality, efficient, safe and reliable automation system integration, always insisting on creating value for customers with high-quality services, helping customers win the market.

Production line solutions

Production line solutions

According to the customer's production process and process, a customized production line is designed. Through the robot or non-standard automated production line, you can improve the quality of production, save personnel and reduce labor intensity.

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Whole plant automation solution

Whole plant automation solution

Products are widely used in automobiles, electronics, home appliances, medical, food packaging, consumer goods and other industries. They are committed to the removal of injection molding products, in-mold labeling, in-mold inlay, folding assembly, nozzle cutting, visual quality inspection, and packaging , Palletizing and plant automation design and transformation.


Six reasons to choose Yangsun

Always provide high-quality customized professional services for global customers

  • Flexible
    Customize to meet the diverse needs of customers.
  • Science
    Scientific management mode, faster response speed and shorter delivery time.
  • Professional
    Industry-leading industrial robot manufacturing service experience.
  • Intelligent
    Mature industrial robot intelligent system development capability.
  • Integrated
    One-stop automation service integrating R&D, manufacturing, installation and after-sales.
  • Data
    Dynamic data analysis to help companies achieve accurate control and maximize economic benefits.

Accelerate the intelligent upgrade of manufacturing

Help companies gain a competitive advantage.

Reduce labor
24-hour operation can reduce 70% labor.
reduce costs
Improve material utilization and save manufacturing costs.
Improve efficiency
Reduce man-hour consumption per unit product and increase labor productivity.
Increase production capacity
Improve operation process and improve product quality.
Enhance corporate competitiveness
Enhance the company's product power, service power, delivery power and economic benefits, and maintain core competitiveness.

Automated production line customization process

Understand the demand determination project
Production line production efficiency capacity requirements, plant environment and product quality requirements
Analyze the product plan
Analyze product characteristics, determine technical parameters and draw up plans
Scheme design review
The feasibility of the plan, the production cycle, the action decomposition description, the introduction of each structure, And cost evaluation
Bilateral assessment plan
Confirm the signing of the contract, and carry out the equipment design according to the relevant information
Order production and shipment
Structural drawing design, electronic control programming, action debugging to ensure compliance with the plan Shipment after demand
After-sales installation training
After the equipment arrives at the use site, after-sales personnel will install and debug The user conducts operation training and explains the relevant documents and documents, Ensure that personnel can be proficient in application

Application field

Powerful brand, real gold is not afraid of fire

Food packaging
Medical and pharmaceutical
Bottle cap
Personal care products